Moment marks a new chapter in the work of singer-songwriter LEEONA. The artist strives to create exactly the kind of music that will reflect her soul and vision.

“The vocals here sound like a sensual improvisation. It is a little different from what they are used to hearing in my songs, and I strive to envelop the listener with my magic. Moment is reminiscent of cold fire - seductive guitars, dark musical elements."

Not wanting to be constrained by the frames of popular music trends, LEEONA creates at the intersection of genres: the elegant presentation of synthwave style is intertwined with the grace of melodic lines. The singer herself calls this work a reflection of "elegant retro-futurism."


She was inspired by the futuristic films of Denis Villeneuve, melancholic rock of the 80s and the music of the composer Vangelis, as well as performers and electronic groups such as Bryan Adams, Kavinsky, Talk Talk and Bryan Ferry.

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LEEONA is an electronic project by singer Zara Arshakian, previously released tracks under her own name.

Her songs were played all over the world, including some popular radio stations at TV channels in Russia, USA and Europe.

She sang the US anthem at the MLS American League football match, performed with the orchestra at The Green Mill in Chicago, and worked with renowned American producer Bernard Harvey.

LEEONA is the author of all of her songs. Also she is a movie actress. And previously was performing in a famous immersive theatrical show "Faceless".

Previous releases


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